We no longer live on the same planet as our ancestors: theirs was immense, ours is small.

"Bertrand de Jouvenel"

This is what we have implemented :

Natural resources management

  • Low energy bulbs everywhere on the site
  • Solar lights
  • Lighting coupled with a presence sensor
  • Water saving and timer on the taps
  • Solar hot water in the 3 sanitary facilities
  • Rain water collection Local suppliers (as far as possible)
  • Free hire of electric bikes

Green areas management

  • "Smart watering" on the hedges and young plants (in the morning and in the evening)
  • No chemicals, organic fertilizer only if needed
  • Selection of Mediterranean vegetation which does not need much water and treatments
  • The residues of tree- trimming are crushed to be recycled with the compost

Waste sorting

  • Delivery of pre-collection bags to motivate the selective sorting of waste
  • Implementation of a sorting station at the entrance of the site
  • Installation of a composter for organic waste
  • Non-recyclable waste is dropped off at a waste collection center
  • Recycling of used batteries

Only a few minutes from the campsite, visit the "sensitive natural area" of Belle-Ile.

Credits Photos ©HOCQUEL A./ ABRY H. / BISET V. / ZIMMERMANN JL. / LEROY R. / MAISONNAVE S. - Vaucluse Provence Attractivité